​​TAG Paintball Park HolLISTER, Serving Salinas, Gilroy, Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Jose 

*Hurt for Low Impact only. With proper attire, IT WILL NOT HURT, it should sting. A sting should last about 10 seconds, then go away. There should be no epidermal damage (although, skin/clothing types vary). 

                  The "Pain Reduction" Specialists                     We Separate Beginners from Experts 
Low & Medium Impact Paintball Only 
High Impact Paintball Banned (public play) 

​​​​​​Types of Paintball:

High, Medium Low Impact 

High Impact Hurts 
Medium Impact is Moderate; 

Low Impact Doesn't Hurt*

 FACT:  Some Parks Only Issue   HIGH  IMPACT 

If Park Doesn't SpecificallyState"Medium Impact" 

Then, it's "High Impact", period.

 Who Wants to Pay Money to Get Hurt?

Even if park claims to 'save a few dollars'? 

You're not paying for PAINTBALL, but for Memories

TAG PAINTBALL in reality is a Re-Booking company. 

We want you to come back...with with your friends

TAG is Transparent: Simple, Logical & Ethical 

Paintball Park in Hollister serves Paintball Salinas players with Paintball Monterey players (& Paintball Santa Cruz players too)