​​"TAG(ged) Cards"    

TAG ​Cards (aka "Accountability Cards) are worth $1 ea 

Cards are included in every package

Cards are redeemable anytime for goods  
Cards also redeemable end of session for CASH.

Need minimum of two Cards to play.

LOST CARDS? Get more ($1 ea) at front desk

​​Our Aim: Create a "Culture of Safety" 
Helping everyone be accountable. 


A) Rewarded Catching Rule Violators:

1) POINT YOUR FINGER at violator

2) Yell "TAG" (use a 'High-Cartoon-Voice' )

3) Violator fixes issue

4) Violator gives you TAG Card

B) Rewarding Others Good Behavior:  

For A Job Well Done (or Great Play, etc). 

(staff will be on best behavior, for tips) 

C) Staff Rewards Players:

1) Caught you doing Good

(impressive plays, kindness to others, etc)

2) If they mess up

(issuing gun without air, shooing hot, etc)​​

This helps EVERYONE be on best behavior!!

CASH BACK PROGRAM  (for Being Good)